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Australian technology company providing market-leading data solutions

Industry: Financial services
Sector: Consumer data
Country of Origin: Australia | Australia
Target Countries: United Kingdom, United States
Target Areas: North America

The business provides Data-as-a-Service (“DaaS”), including identity verification, KYC, AML etc. and has a strong market position with “sticky” long-standing customers in the debt collection and consumer data sectors.

It has also co-developed an Anti-Fraud solution with a Big-4 Australian bank which it is now seeking to roll out across the financial services sector in conjunction with a scale-up partner

Data-As-A-Service ("DaaS")

Data-As-A-Service ("DaaS")

Revenue : AUD A$1m
Price: €/$ on request
Revenue Multiple : 0.00

1. Data verification and fraud detection markets growing strongly
• Global market for Anti-Fraud tools US$9.3bn in 2022 and forecast CAGR of 18%pa from 2021 - 26
• Rise of online identity fraud, fastest growing crime in USA and growing in Australia
• Strong tailwinds in Australia from Hayne Royal Commission

2. Unique, market-leading Australian Intellectual Property
• Unique, high-quality data sets with a strong focus on traceability and data lineage
• ISO27001 accredited and 1 of only 5 companies authorized by the ACMA to access Australia’s Public Number Directory
• Approved ASIC Information Broker

3. Strategy to Rapidly Grow Revenue
• Current Platform - incrementally grow through product enhancements and new sectors
• Anti-Fraud - drive into Anti-Fraud solutions co-developed with Big 4 bank, which can be rolled out across other financial services firms
• Innovate – using unique data set, develop new, high value solutions

4. High-Quality Management and Engineering
• Experienced management and engineering/data science team
• Business supported by entrepreneurs with over 20 years experience building and exiting technology businesses, who are keen to work with a scale-up partner

5. Strongly Growing, Sticky, Revenue with Significant Upside
• Clear pathway to ARR growth of 100%+pa from Anti-Fraud over next 3 years
• Current Platform generates solid, “sticky” revenue from long-standing customers
• High ROI on investment in additional business development and high-margin growth

The owner is an investment group seeking a “scale-up partner” who can devote capital and management resources to drive the next, exciting chapter of growth. The owner is keen to participate in the value upside expected to be created over the next few years.

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